John Blackburn

John Blackburn, Principal: John is the Principal of Blackburn & Co. and is a specialist in clinical negligence and personal injury litigation, whilst having considerable experience in other areas of litigation.

Areas of Practice

John qualified as a solicitor at Wedlake Saint in London  in 1994.

John has a specialist interest in clinical negligence and high value personal injury claims. Before setting up Blackburn & Co, John headed the clinical negligence departments at Pengillys LLP and, before that, Humphries Kirk.  Both firms held one of only two specialist quality marks for clinical negligence work in the whole of Dorset from the Legal Services Commission.

John has conducted both fatal and non-fatal clinical negligence claims which involved the following medical disciplines:

  • [Anaesthesia]: e.g. failure to properly anaesthetise patient before surgery.
  • [Acute Medicine ]:  eg delay in diagnosis of lupus and lupus nephritis etc.
  • [Cardiology (heart medicine)]: e.g. negligent delay in diagnosis of heart defects, etc.
  • [Colorectal/gastroenterology (medicine of the gastro-intestinal system)]: e.g. the failure to diagnose and treat obstructed bowel before bowel infarction, negligent cholecystectomy etc.
  • [Cytogenetics (analysis of cells]:  e.g. the negligent failure to diagnose genetic defects before birth, etc.
  • [Dentistry]: e.g. negligent extraction of teeth, negligent use of dental equipment, etc.
  • [Dermatology (medicine of the skin)]:  e.g. negligent overexposure to UVB phototherapy, etc.
  • [Emergency Medicine (previously known as Accident & Emergency Medicine)]: e.g. the negligent failure to diagnose and treat scaphoid fractures leading to non-union, the failure to diagnose and treat meningitis, etc.
  • [ENT Surgery (surgery to the ears, nose and throat)]: eg negligently performed ENT surgery.
  • [General Practice (medical)]: e.g. failure to diagnose and treat/refer for treatment pre-eclampsia, breast cancer etc.
  • [General surgery]:  e.g. negligent failure to safeguard patient to prevent nerve damage, negligent burn from diathermy equipment, etc.
  • [Hepatology (liver medicine)]: e.g. negligent care after liver biopsy,etc.
  • [Maxillofacial surgery (surgery to the head, jaws and face)]: e.g. the negligent performance of surgery to the jaw, the negligent placement of dental implants, etc
  • [Nephrology (kidney medicine)]: e.g. the negligent kidney transplant surgery etc.
  • [Obstetrics and birth injury (pregnancy and child birth medicine)]: e.g. the negligent failure to deliver baby by caesarian section to avoid birth asphyxia, assault/failure to obtain consent to manual evacuation procedure etc.
  • [Oncology (cancer medicine)]: dielay in diagnosis and management of lung cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer etc.
  • [Ophthalmology (eye medicine)]: e.g. the negligent failure to diagnose and treat a a tumour and avoid optic nerve damage, etc.
  • [Orthopaedics (bone surgery)]: e.g. the negligent insertion of artificial hip and knee joints, etc.
  • Paediatrics (medicine for children): e.g. the negligent failure to diagnose and treat a tumour in a child, the negligent failure to diagnose and treat a congenital heart defect in a baby, etc.
  • [Plastic and cosmetic surgery] : e.g. negligent breast reduction surgery, negligent rhinoplasty (nose) surgery, etc.
  • [Urology (medicine of the bladder and urinary system)]: e.g. the negligent failure to diagnose and treat cancer of the cervix, negligent failure to avoid and then manage bladder overdistension etc.
  • [Vascular surgery (surgery to the veins and arteries)]: eg negligently performed vascular surgery.

With regard to personal injury, John has conducted cases involving:

  • [Accidents abroad]: in appropriate cases, we can act for people who have been injured abroad.
  • [Accidents at work (‘employer’s liability’ claims)]: eg falls at work, defective work equipment claims.
  • [Attacks by animals]: eg dog attack claims.
  • [Criminal injury claims].
  • [Hair damage claims]:  eg claims for Hair damage caused by defective perm.
  • [Holiday claims]: eg claim for gastro enteritis caused by food poisoning
  • [Motorcycle, car and bicycle accidents]:  eg collisions between vehicles, motorbikes, cyclists and pedestrians.
  • [Occupational disease] eg noise induced hearing loss claims.
  • [Occupier’s liability claims] eg injuries caused by hazards on property such as holes in car park surface, carbon monoxide poisoning caused by defective heater.
  • [Public liability claims].
  • [Trips and slips in the highway]: defects in raod and pavement surface causing acciident.


John also has extensive experience in other areas of  litigation, including landlord and tenant litigation in the Court of Appeal,  contract, debt, boundary and will/trust/property disputes.

What clients say about John Blackburn

The wife of a severely injured accident at work victim commented  “really good job done, cannot fault him, he was friendly, approachable, brilliant, just what you need in difficult situations…”.

A clinical negligence client described John as  “caring, patient and thorough, he was marvellous and I have recommended him to lots of people…”.

Parents, who brought a fatal clinical negligence claim on behalf of their late baby, found that John was “thorough, pleasant, very approachable, charming, endearing, helpful, patient, passionate, genuine and sincere…”.


Hurstpierpoint College, West Sussex (Exhibition Scholarship)

Reading University, BA (Hons) History

Holborn Law Tutors, CPE/PG Diploma in Law (placed 2nd= in 1st year exams)

College of Law, York, Law Society Finals Examination (Pass)

Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, Royal Naval Reserve Junior Officer’s Course (Pass)

Royal Naval Reserve Fleet Board Examination (First Class)


John is very proud to have been a member of the Royal Naval Reserve.  John was awarded the class prize in the new entry class at HMS Eaglet in 2000.  He did his sea time wth HMS Portland, a Type 23 Frigate.  John came top of his Fleet Board of 17 candidates on promotion to Sub Lieutenant in 2004 and was subsequently awarded a prize for the second highest Fleet Board result in the RNR nationally in 2004.

Sailing, motorbikes (proud owner of a Suzuki RF900),  SCUBA diving, reading and music.

John lives with his wife, Denise, and their two dogs in Dorset.  Between them, they have three children.